Monday, September 7, 2009

Otta Nanayam(2005)

Otta Nanayam(2005)
means 'just one coin please' in Malayalam.

rating 6/10

Overall a good film with occasional good acting by Malayalam film actor Priyamani and Salim.
The new comer hero was also good.
The film is a poor person from lower middle class family who was forced to join a colony of beggars near railway station. The money was for liver operation of his ailing mother. This is where Priyamani lives a life of beggar with destitue kids. The film depicts the organised begging racket in cities, exploitation by anti-social elements and sad life of the people who are initially forced into this profession and dont get a chance to better life.

The film was very predictable though. Important twists in story was shown very lightly and without importance.

Harisree Ashokan and Salim in side roles, show their sheer talent whenever they appear. Overall 6/10 rating for this.

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